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Identify and Reach In-Market Consumers by Browsing Activity

Powered by V12 Signals In-Market Shopper Technology

Imagine that you could see what everyone on the internet was interested in…

If you could reach specific people based on content they’re consuming, who would you choose?

Instead of the one-size-fits-some segments you’re accustomed to receiving, V12 Signals Online empowers you to surgically handcraft your ideal audience based on online consumption by supplying the name, postal and email of the consumer.

Powerful Behavioral Data

V12 Signals Online is actual online behavior data collected in real-time, leveraging a broad network and innovative techniques to discover behavioral keywords, phrases, and terms. Using this intelligence, we are able to create complex and effective formulas, which classify user intent.

The result is an in-depth insight into browsing habits, which enables us to identify leads and execute a marketing strategy focused on relevant and highly precise outreach.

Online Intent Data

Massive Visibility into Behavioral Data and Searches Occurring on Over 90% of Internet-Connected Devices Every Month.

Signals Purchase Intent

High-Quality Omnichannel Campaigns

Sit back and relax – V12 does the work for you. V12’s agency team of creative and in-market execution experts work with you to understand your objectives and build campaigns for deployment across channels.

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