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Identify and Reach up to 50% of Website Visitors via Omnichannel Campaigns

Powered by V12 Signals In-Market Shopper Technology

Do you know who is visiting your website?

What if you could identify and retarget visitors on your website with one seamless process?

With V12 Signals WebID, now you can. We put the power in your hands to identify and convert your high-value website traffic and skyrocket your sales.

Proprietary Technology and Rich Data Assets

Leveraging Signals technology and V12’s broad catalog of consumer data assets, brands can now identify 50+% of visitors on their website and market to them across email, direct mail and social.

Here’s how it works:

In-Market Shoppers

High-Quality Omnichannel Campaigns

Sit back and relax – V12 does the work for you. V12’s agency team of creative and in-market execution experts work with you to understand your objectives and build campaigns for deployment across channels.

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