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Boost Your Profits with V12 AudienceLink, a Full-Service Social Advertising Solution for Today’s Busy Marketer

The end-to-end social advertising solution to maximize conversions

Social advertising is a highly effective way to grow your business online

However, most businesses are not equipped with large budgets or resources to run their own campaigns. V12 AudienceLink is a comprehensive social advertising solution to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. From audience and creative development, campaign management and performance reporting, our all-in-one services ensure superior results, every time.

Precision Audience Targeting

Prioritize your spend on the right audiences using our industry-leading third party data sets with 100% opt-in emails.  ConsumerLink, a proprietary consumer data source, offers access to multiple consumer data files for highly targeted marketing campaigns. Data is built from hundreds of sources including public records, phone directories, U.S. Census data, consumer surveys, and other proprietary sources.

High Conversions and Engagement

Clients using V12 AudienceLink for social campaigns have experienced a 3x  increase in sales conversions and a 20% increase in engagement.

How the Process Works

1. Initial Strategy Session

V12 will work with you to understand your audiences, brand, campaign objectives and help you determine the best strategy to meet your needs.

2. Audience Development

Optimize your outreach with high-performing audiences using any combination of your current customer data or V12’s third party data assets.

3. Creative Development

Our creative team is experienced in creating high quality ads that convert, including ad copy, video, high impact imagery, page like ads and more.

4. Campaign Development

Once ads are approved, our specialists will place your social ads and monitor them on a consistent basis to ensure you are receiving optimal results and conversions.

5. Social Reporting

Each month, our team will deliver a report detailing the performance of your ads including impressions, click-through and return-on-investment (ROI) reporting. 

6. Customer Service

We encourage your feedback and our clients have direct access to their social campaign team. Our goal is to be part of your internal team versus an outside vendor.



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V12 Offers a Wide Range of High-Performing Audiences to Meet Your Campaign Goals

Target Acquisition Audiences Based on Your Best Customer Profile

Based upon your best customer profile, we will create a look-alike acquisition audience using V12 AudienceLink’s industry-leading third-party data sets.  Using AI and machine learning algorithms, we combine over 1,000+ attributes to create a highly custom audience for rapid deployment.

Our data assets include:

  • V12AutoID: Industry leading VIN with data on over 260+ million consumers and 190+ million VINS with linkage at the household and garage level. Learn more
  • V12 ConsumerPlus: Proprietary consumer data source on 260+ million consumer contacts with full address and demographics, including personality segments and Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) data. Learn more
  • V12 Email: Largest email database in the industry with over 200 million emails.
    Learn more
  • MoverTech: Comprehensive mover database enhanced with demographics to target consumers at all stages of the. Learn more
  • V12 Signals: Target and acquire in-market consumers with V12’s proprietary intender data solution. Learn more
  • V12 Telematch: Industry leader for new telephone connects, forward, and reverse phone append with over 280 million records. Learn more

Target Your First-Party Audiences and Look-Alike Audiences

Target your first-party audiences using your internal customer list. To optimize your audience reach, V12 performs rigorous email and phone verification and append processes to ensure you have the highest quality data set to achieve a higher match rate to Facebook’s member base.

In addition, we will append V12 AudienceLink to your customer database to gain deeper insights into your customers and create look-alike audiences. We offer only the highest-blend of data available with 100% opt-in emails.

You may enhance your audience with any number of attributes from our extensive database including demographic, behavioral and lifestyle selects such as age, income, interests, personality data, in-purchase indicators, vehicle information and more.

V12 AudienceLink is available for all industries. Specialty data sets include:

V12 Audience Link for Retail

V12 AudienceLink for Retail offers access to multiple consumer data files for highly targeted marketing campaigns. Data is available on 260+ million consumers, most with exact age and estimated income information; 50 million individuals with shopping behavior and lifestyle categories; and 130 million identified mail order buyers and responders.

Additional Features:

  • Vistas Lifestyle & Shopping Segmentation: Set of 22 unique groups across 5 shopping types. Using the sophistication of AI and machine-learning technology, V12 blends our Signals mobile location data with our ConsumerPlus attribute data to develop a 360-degree view of consumers’ choices, preferences, lifestyles and shopping intent.
  • Consumer Package Goods (CPG): Our CPG data identifies consumers with a strong propensity to purchase in a specific product category. These attributes are built from a universe of over 20+ million households who have reported purchases across 116+ product categories.
  • V12 Signals: Reach consumers who are expressing in-market intent to purchase products and services you sell based on browsing behavior and recent visits to store locations.
V12 AudienceLink for Automotive

V12 AudienceLink for Automotive is an industry-leading VIN data source with information on over 260+ million consumers and 190+ million VINs.

Additional Features:

  • Available for all 50 states with zero marketing restrictions
  • Conforms to the Shelby Act, DPPA, and other similar legislation
  • 100% populated with Make, Model and Year as derived directly from VINs
  • V12 Signals: Signals audiences represent real people who have recently visited a dealer lot.
  • In-Market Model: The Auto In-Market Model provide statistically modeled values that indicate a household’s inclination to purchase a vehicle within the next 3 months.