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Boost Your Customer Acquisition With Our Customized Audience Solution, V12 AudienceLink

Every marketer’s goal is to deliver the optimal experience to every customer at every interaction. Today, the overwhelming majority of those interactions take place online.

V12 AudienceLink is a multi-verified data source built using high quality data products that deliver both depth and breadth covering consumer and business audiences. We house 260+ million consumer contacts, 186+ million VINs and 300+ million consumer emails. Our proprietary data offers comprehensive national coverage based on first party data assets supplemented with dozens of the most trusted and respected third party sources.

Analytically Driven Custom Segments to Drive Response

V12 provides you with the flexibility to create customized audiences, unique to your organization. We apply digital profiling to analyze aggregate customer attributes to form a detailed composite of the “ideal” buyer. Our analytics capabilities allow you to understand purchasing behaviors, target unique segments, build application-specific models and prioritize opportunities to optimize marketing spend on just the right audience for each campaign.

Key Features

  • Overlay any number of V12’s segments onto your CRM file to create hyper-targeted audiences.
  • Create multiple “and/or” combinations using Boolean logic to create high-level branding audiences, low-funnel direct response campaigns—and everything in between.
  • Give us a sample list of customers and we will combine our 1,000+ attributes with machine learning algorithms to create a custom audience with the scale needed to support your digital campaigns.
  • Combine your CRM data with our proprietary PYCO Personality Data to add detailed personality profiles to your audiences for customized creative campaigns.
  • Analytic capabilities include profile, profile model, and response models.

With any custom audience creation, our account management team will help create a lifecycle marketing strategy and optimize custom segments to ensure you’re hitting your KPI and getting the best ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend). V12s Custom Audiences can be deployed to most platforms and will always be exclusive to your organization.

V12 AudienceLink is built from highly trusted, ethically sourced data points and sources.

Premier data compilers include:

  • Public and courthouse records
  • Real Property information
  • Phone directories
  • Consumer surveys
  • Self-Reported and Purchase transactions
  • Response source contributors
  • Niche segmentation schemes and premium datasets
  • Publishers
  • Catalogers
  • Destination and online sites
  • Plus proprietary interactive campaign results

We adhere to all ANA/DMA and IAB guidelines

  • V12 only carries data on those 18 years or older. We do not market to minors nor maintain any data on minors.
  • We do not maintain any health data on individuals.
  • We do not maintain Social Security numbers, Driver’s License numbers, Credit Card data or FICO scores on the file. This permits us to adhere to all FICRA regulations.
  • Our auto data is not sourced via state MVA / DMV or from vehicle registration permitting V12 to be fully compliant with the Shelby Act.
  • V12 stores data in a SAS 70 certified environment.



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