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Put information on over 217+ million consumers and 200+ million VINs to work for you

Ranked #1 by Truthset for Data Accuracy in Car Ownership

V12 scores #1 in data accuracy for car ownership compared to 11 other data providers on the Truthscore™ Index by Truthset. 

The car buying journey from initial research to final purchase is increasingly complex as consumers shop, research and purchase across numerous channels.

V12 possesses the largest and most accurate data in the automotive marketing industry to help you pinpoint your ideal audience when the moment is right. With information on over 217+ million consumers, 200+ million VINs, demographics, and online consumer IDs, our auto data provides the insights you need for the right consumer connections.

Automotive Database

  • VIN data available on 200+ million VINs and 217+ million consumers for all 50 states, including privacy states.
  • 100% populated with Make, Model and Year as derived directly from VINs
  • Every lead record includes Name, Address, Make, Model and Year
  • V12 Signals: People actively shopping at your lot or a competitor’s lot, or who are browsing online for vehicles
  • In-Market Model: The Auto In-Market Model identifies consumers 4.2 times more likely to purchase a vehicle within a 90-day timeframe. The model is highly predictive, using Signals in-market behavior indicators versus historical data.
  • Data available across all major digital platforms
  • Premium selects include in-market for a new vehicle, consumer demographics, segmented wealth modeling, email addresses, and full VIN
  • Multiple other selections available such as engine size, fuel type, drive train, engine block, and engine cylinders
  • Kelley Blue Book and Black Book data available
  • Follow the car: Proprietary Vehicle Ownership Verification Process so you know when a vehicle you sold changes owners, who the new owners are and how to contact them
  • Other Vehicles in the Household: Upsell by getting a list of your customers’ other vehicles in the household

How It Works

Our collection methods from our sources undergo extensive due diligence to be 100% compliant with state and federal laws. We conform to the Shelby Act, DPPA, and other similar legislation, making our auto leads appropriate for all types of marketing initiatives. Ongoing testing shows our data is 40%+ more accurate than other data sets, and only V12 has daily, weekly and monthly processes that track vehicle dispositions.


Target and Acquire In-Market Consumers with V12’s Proprietary Intender Data Solution, V12 SignalsTM

With V12 SignalsTM, you can now target and acquire actual in-market consumers during the period when they’re making a buying decision. V12 SignalsTM is a proprietary solution that utilizes in-market behavior data to identify imminent purchase intenders.
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