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Proprietary Consumer Database for Right Time Omnichannel Marketing


Deep and actionable insights into your customers and prospects fuel smarter marketing strategies and optimal messaging across channels. With the explosion of bigger and faster data, vast amounts of consumer data are now available from third party vendors. To acquire the right mix of data, you need a partner who can deliver more than just a list of stagnant data.

Consumer Database

ConsumerPllus, a proprietary consumer data source, offers access to multiple consumer data files for highly targeted marketing campaigns. Data is built from hundreds of sources including public records, phone directories, U.S. Census data, consumer surveys, and other proprietary sources.

Data is available on 327+ million consumers, most with exact age and estimated income information; 50 million individuals with shopping behavior and lifestyle categories; and 130 million identified mail order buyers and responders. Data elements include Date of Birth, Home Ownership, Occupation, Gender, Donors, Estimated Income, Age, Telephone Number, Ethnicity, Credit Card, Language Spoken, Hobbies, Purchase Behavior, Lifestyle Interests, and many more.

ConsumerPlus provides additional consumer data including:

    Set of 36 segments covering 195 million individual level records. Using affluence, urbanicity, generation, lifestyle, ethnicity, responsiveness, and shopping behavior, an individual is assigned to one distinct segment for easy messaging, engagement and management.
  • PYCO Personality:
    1,500 pages of complex algorithmic code, 320 discrete data points, and 16 unique personality segments, all based on the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator.
  • Consumer Package Goods (CPG):
    Identify consumers with a strong propensity to purchase in a specific product category. These attributes are built from a universe of over 20+ million households who have reported purchases across 116+ product categories.

Data Assets Include:

  • Individuals: 327+ million
  • Households: 223 million
  • Opt-in email records: 104 million
  • Email records w/ matching postal: 97 million
  • Records w/ residential phone numbers: 84 million
  • Records w/ residential phone numbers *DNC scrubbed: 62 million
  • DNC phone WITH email: 23 million
  • Consumer eAppend: 207 million

V12’s database is built from many data points and sources

Premier data compilers including:

  • Public and courthouse records
  • Real Property information
  • Phone directories
  • Consumer surveys
  • Self-Reported and Purchase transactions
  • Response source contributors
  • Niche segmentation schemes and premium datasets
  • Publishers
  • Catalogers
  • Destination and online sites
  • Plus proprietary interactive campaign results

V12 has refined our data aggregation processes to provide marketers with the highest quality blend of data available. We are data independent, with access to numerous data files and sources through our partner network. We can identify missing customer contact details, append a rich array of lifestyle information or identify and deliver ideal prospects for acquisition strategies. As a leader in Omnichannel Marketing, our rich data sources are infused throughout our entire set of solutions. Our data can be used as a stand-alone asset or easily integrated into any marketing channel, including our vast array of digital platform partners.



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