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The Biggest, Deepest, Most Flexible Dataset in the Industry

Ranked highest in performance across key attribute categories by TruthSet, a leading data intelligence company

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ConsumerPlus combines multiple consumer data files, creating the most accurate information resource with the broadest coverage available. Data is available on 217+MM consumers over the age of 18, enhanced with demographics, shopping behavior, lifestyle categories, and contact data.


  • 217+MM individuals
  • 117+ MM linkage
  • Combined: 334+MM


  • Deep assets with breadth & depth at 200+ attributes
  • Sample elements include: Date of Birth, Home Ownership, Occupation, Gender, Donors, Estimated Income, Age. Telephone Number, Ethnicity, Credit Card, Language Spoken, Hobbies, Purchase Behavior, CPG Data, Lifestyle, Interests, In-Market and many more


  • Confidence scoring system for flexible marketing
  • High-quality data processing powered by DataFuse


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Confidence Codes for Flexible Marketing, Based on Who You Want to Reach

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V12 Consumer Data Ranks Highest in Performance Across Key Attribute Categories by Data Intelligence Company, Truthset

Truthset assigns vendors a Truthscore™ Index, which is a measure of a single provider’s overall data quality within a given attribute segment, relative to the entire cohort of data providers for the same segment. This intelligence arms marketers with knowledge by an independent third-party regarding the accuracy of consumer data sets available in the market.

V12 leads the pack in data quality, scoring 1st in car owner, 2nd for pet owner, and 3rd in married data, household level income data, and ethnicity data.


ConsumerPlus provides additional consumer data including:

  • Vistas Lifestyle and Shopping Segmentation:
    Set of 22 unique groups across 5 shopping types. Using the sophistication of AI and machine-learning technology, V12 blends our Signals mobile location data with our ConsumerPlus attribute data to develop a 360-degree view of consumers’ choices, preferences, lifestyles and shopping intent.
  • Consumer Package Goods (CPG):
    Identify consumers with a strong propensity to purchase in a specific product category. These attributes are built from a universe of over 20+ million households who have reported purchases across 116+ product categories.

Data Assets Include:

  • Opt-in email records: 104 million
  • Email records w/ matching postal: 97 million
  • Records w/ residential phone numbers: 84 million
  • Records w/ residential phone numbers *DNC scrubbed: 62 million
  • DNC phone WITH email: 23 million
  • Consumer eAppend: 207 million

We can identify missing customer contact details, append a rich array of lifestyle information or identify and deliver ideal prospects for acquisition strategies. As a leader in Omnichannel Marketing, our rich data sources are infused throughout our entire set of solutions. Our data can be used as a stand-alone asset or easily integrated into any marketing channel, including our vast array of digital platform partners.



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