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Omnichannel Data to Fuel Rich Customer Insights at Speed and Scale

V12’s data products deliver both depth and breadth covering consumer and business audiences

We house 260+ million consumer contacts with full address, over 190 million VINs and over 218 million consumer emails. Our proprietary data offers comprehensive national coverage based on first party data assets supplemented with dozens of the most trusted and respected third party sources. As a result, we are able to provide our clients with the unique ability to identify customers and prospects and unify addressable identities across all devices and channels.

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Explore our comprehensive omnichannel data sets

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Supercharge your facebook advertising with V12 AudienceLink, a powerful custom audience solution for omnichannel and Facebook marketing.

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Industry leading VIN with data on over 260+ million consumers and 190 million VINs with linkage at the household and garage level.

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Proprietary business database of over 48 million contacts with business phone number and over 20 selects (specific data fields) that can be used for targeting.

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Proprietary consumer data source on 260+ million consumer contacts with full address and demographics, including personality segments and Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) data.

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V12 Email

Largest email database in the industry with over 200 million emails.

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V12 Mover

Comprehensive mover database enhanced with demographics to target consumers at all stages of the move including pre-movers, premovers with a home under contract, and new movers.

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V12 Telematch

Industry leader for new telephone connects, forward, and reverse phone append with over 280 million records.

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