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Introducing Vistas Lifestyle and Shopping Segmentation

Groundbreaking Audience Targeting Solution Based on In-Market Behaviors

Move beyond traditional targeting that uses self-reported data sources and reach consumers based on their actual behaviors

Modernize your marketing with V12 Vistas lifestyle and shopping segmentation

Most audience targeting solutions are limited to demographics and lifestyle data based on traditional sources such as magazine subscriptions and other self-reported data. However, as more consumers conduct their daily lives on digital channels, these data sources are becoming outdated and obsolete.

22 unique groups across 5 shopping types

V12 goes beyond traditional targeting by combining our broad catalog of demographics and interest data with the power of V12 Signals in-market technology. Using the sophistication of AI and machine-learning technology, V12 blends our Signals mobile location data with our ConsumerPlus attribute data to develop a 360-degree view of consumers’ choices, preferences, lifestyles and shopping intent.

The result? The next generation in consumer segmentation across 22 unique consumer groups and 5 distinct shopping types.

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Understand your best customers and discover more just like them

Vistas uncovers hidden characteristics in consumer behavior for more precise marketing:

  • Prioritize high-value segments
  • Improve customer experiences
  • Create messaging most likely to resonate with key audiences
  • Maximize marketing efficiency

Perhaps you are trying to reach rustic families with higher incomes, who are college educated, drive luxury SUVs and shop at locations such as organic food stores and farmers’ markets. Then our Healthy and Wealthy shopper type is for you.

Or perhaps your audience is more in line with our Thrifty Shoppers type who are lower income, have a high school education, are more likely to rent and shop at locations such as dollar stores and discount grocery chains.

Whatever the audience, use V12 Vistas to supercharge your campaign strategies.

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High-Performing ConsumerPlus Attributes

V12 Vistas are part of ConsumerPlus, the biggest, deepest, most flexible dataset in the industry with data on 260+MM consumers.

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Powered by V12 Signals Technology

V12 Vistas are built using using V12 Signals mobile location data combined with the predictive learning power of our machine learning platforms.

Omnichannel Audiences

Reach your audiences across direct mail, email, display and social.

In-Market Behavioral Targeting

These audiences are built using in-market behavioral data versus traditional, self-reported data sources.



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